Eyeshadow tips for beginners!

Hey guys,

This post has been highly requested and I am so excited to write this as eyeshadow is  the most exciting part of my make up routine!


The first and most important thing when it comes to applying eyeshadow is the type of brushes you use. For eyeshadow application you must make sure you have a few fluffy brushes (different sizes) on hand for blending and also some flat brushes for applying shimmery shades and also for cutting your crease (if you’re that advanced 🙂 ).


When applying eyeshadow it is EXTREMELY important that you have a good base. Eyeshadow primers are all well and good but a cheaper affordable option is evenly applying concealer and setting it with a powder if necessary.


When it come to palettes for beginners I would recommend Makeup Revolution. Sleek and some of the more neutral Morphe palettes (35O/35OS etc.). These companies generally sell palettes which have a good variety of colours. My first palette was the sleek storm palette and I could create a number of looks from using it. In a typical palette it is important to have transition shades (browns, oranges, nude-y colours, even red-dy browns), shimmer colours (golds, rose golds, champagne), and then its good to have some spontaneous colours like burgundy’s and pinks to create different looks. It’s also nice to have a dark brown for smokey eyes.


When applying eyeshadow start with your transition colour, after applying it use a clean brush without product to blend it out. If you want to cut your crease use a light colour to do so (tutorial on my instagram). Or if you would just like to apply a shimmery shade use a flat brush to do so and go back in with your transition colour to blend the edges out. Remember to line your waterline and also apply your transition colour beneath your lashes if you would like to.

Important tips:

  1. ALWAYS use transition colours. We’re not trying to look like aunties by applying  one colour all over your lid.
  2. BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! This is soooo important, when you apply colours especially to your crease use a clean brush to always blend it out. It also is more effective to blend in circular motions which gives a more flawless look.
  3. When applying shimmery colours, or colours to the centre of your lid using a tapping motion brings out more products and in general just looks better.
  4. Always blend out the centre colour into your crease so that you have an overall blended look
  5. Make sure your base is evenly applied or your eyeshadow will look a mess and we don’t want that :/
  6. When doing a smokey eye using a dark brown instead of black is better as it is easier to blend and doesn’t look as harsh.
  7. Adding a highlighter to your brow bone and tear duct creates a more glam look x

If you need anymore help or advice feel free to DM me on my insta @touchedbytosin. Otherwise I hope this was useful!

Peace and love

Tosin x


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