Night Time Skincare Routine

So imagine you’ve come back from a night out with a face full of makeup, I know the first thing you want to do is go to bed; but I promise you  that’s not the best thing for your skin.

The first thing I would do is to wipe off my makeup as thoroughly as possible, some people stop there but really and truly your face is not fully cleansed! So after this I would go and wash my face with a cleanser. My cleanser of choice is The Body Shop tea tree skin clearing foaming cleanser. This cleanser is great for taking off excess make up and consistent use of this helps with keeping the skin clear because of the purifying properties tea tree has. After washing your face you must dry it thoroughly with a clean towel (preferably not the one you use to shower).

The next step in my routine is to use a toner, this is important because it gives you extra cleansing and removes traces of dirt and grime. There are two types of toners I like to use at different times. I use witch hazel most of the time as a toner, but if I feel that I have a few too many pimples or spots I use The Body Shop tea tree skin clearing mattifying toner which also helps keeps your skin clear.

After the toner has dried I use a facial serum. As I have a lot of hyperpigmentation and a few acne scars I like to use serums containing vitamin C. The serum I am currently using is the Valjeans Facial serum with Vitamin C and magnesium which brighten and even out my skin tone. Serums are an important part of the skincare routine but it is important that you get one that caters to your skin.

The next thing I would do is use an eye gel (which I use in the morning and evening). The skin under our eyes is very sensitive and prone to wrinkling/creasing, dark circles and puffiness so that area needs to be taken care of.

Now right before I hop into bed, the last thing I would do is to add some sort of gel or moisturiser to my face. As someone with oily skin I either use a light moisturiser from simple or if as I’ve mentioned previously if I have spots and pimples I would use the tea tree and witch hazel night treatment gel which works intensely whilst asleep to fight and prevent spots.

This routine has been asked for from a lot of you so I hope this helps. This is the same routine I would use without having worn makeup, I would just exclude wiping my face as this isn’t necessary.

Peace and love

Tosin x


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