The “right” Way to Apply Skincare Products

Hey guys,

I know this title may have you thinking if there’s really a “right/correct” way to apply your skincare products. Obviously you can do whatever works best for you, but it’s good to remember that the skin is a very sensitive organ. There are many ways to apply skincare which further minimise breakouts, get more use out of your products, keep things less messy and make your products much easier to apply!

First off when it comes to skincare or makeup application the most important thing is to make sure that your hands are washed and clean. Our hands/fingers are used for so many things and pick up so much bacteria, spreading this to the skin could cause unwanted spots, pimples and break outs.

Masks: When applying face masks the first thing you think to do is apply them with your fingers. Instead of using your fingers you could use a clean foundation brush. This not only helps with smooth application, but it also maximises the products so you end up using less product than you would using your fingers.

Toners: The best way to apply toners is with a cotton ball/pad and a very important tip here is patting the toner into your skin rather than swiping it around. This prevents bacteria from spreading to different areas of your skin and creating more break outs!

Moisturisers, Serums and Cleansers: Most serums come with a way to apply them, but not when it comes to actually rubbing it into your skin. Serums are one of the products where it is best to use your palms only because serums are supposed to penetrate deep into your skin as this releases the active ingredients and helps the serum to penetrate into your skin. Moisturisers are also applied best with your palms by first cutting the product in your hands, warming it up and then you apply it to you cheeks in a circular motion and then apply it to the rest of your face. Cleansers are another product best applied with your fingers especially as they are mostly applied in the shower or with water first giving you the perfect opportunity to make sure your hands are clean.

Facial scrubs and Cleansers: Facial scrubs are great for exfoliating and getting rid of dead skin. The best way to apply facial scrubs is with a exfoliating brush. This helps to remove the layer of dead skin from your face and also apply the scrub all over your face.

These are my tips for you guys on applying your skincare products in the best way possible!

I hope you enjoyed this post please let me know in the comments the different ways in which you apply your skincare products and also any posts you want to see in the future.


peace and love

Tosin x


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