How to Achieve and Maintain Clear, Healthy Skin (WOC friendly)

Over the past few months when it has come to makeup and skincare, skincare has been my main priority. For as long as I can remember I have never had perfectly clear skin, I’ve either has some sort of pimple, spot or rough patch. As I have been trying to take my makeup application to another level I thought that tackling this head on would be best. For the last three months I have not had a single spot or pimple due to oil or bacteria (hormonal spots aren’t really avoidable). This is due to my new skincare routine and also some important factors of my diet.

Firstly I will talk about my diet. For the last year and a half I have tried to cut dairy completely out of my diet. That means milk, butter, and the one that makes me most sad, cheese. Some great alternatives are almond/soya milk and also dairy free spreads, when it comes to cheese I have tried some non-dairy options and I haven’t really liked them so instead I have just cut down how much cheese I eat (trust me I used to eat a lot). Cutting out dairy products helps to reduce acne which many people suffer from even as adults! Dairy becomes a problem for us especially as women because we have a problem digesting it. Another thing I have picked up is water, water is so imperative when it comes to maintaining clear skin. I have made it compulsory that I try and drink at least 2 litres of water everyday. this alone made huge changes in my skin, it specifically was giving me a natural healthy glow which I literally have craved for, for so long.

When it comes to products, having a routine you stick to is very vital. As I am someone with oily skin, my tips will be more suited to those like me.

I had heard so much about witch hazel, so when I went to America I brought back two litres with me and it has literally changed my life. I use it as a toner every morning and evening. Witch hazel is a natural astringent used on the face and body. It removes excess oil from the skin and for those of us that have excessively oily skin, this is one of the main reasons for spots/pimples we get. Witch hazel also decreases inflammation and can lessen the growth of bacteria on our skin.

Another important step in your skincare routine is cleansing. This is so important everyday, twice a day. This is good for cleansing our skin after the build up of oil, bacteria and sebum on the skin. I use a foam tea tree cleanser from the body shop which has worked for me over the past year.

Serums are another thing that is great for the skin, I use a magnesium and vitamin C serum which focuses on giving me a brighter look and making my skin glow. There are different serums for different skin types so it’s best to go into a store and ask to see what serum is best for you. Serums are good for our skin because they are able to penetrate deeper than other products.

Two additional steps which are my favourites, are exfoliating and face masks. Exfoliation is important because it gets rid of dead skin and increases the circulation of blood in the face. This helps to achieve healthy glowing skin and prevents ageing, exfoliating is needed every 2-3 days as it can be harsh on the skin sometimes. Face masks are also very important and should be done 1-2 times a week. They have many helpful properties; they can improve the appearance of pores and also remove excess oil. They also help to hydrate your skin and remove any impurities.

Moisturising is another very important factor in maintaining good skin, even if your skin is oily. There are many different moisturisers and I use a light hydrating moisturiser from simple which isn’t too heavy but brings the little moisture I need to my skin. It is also very important especially as women of colour to apply SPF to our skin daily (even when there is no sun). It prevents ageing and also any damage from UV rays.

These are all my tips that have been working for me and I have truly seen a great difference in my skin. Comment below any extra tips you have and also any type of content you would like me to write about. I will be posting my before and after pictures of my skin on our blog twitter, so get following @womenofcolourC

Thanks so much for reading!

Peace and Love

Tosin x


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